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AdBlue® tanks


The AdBlue® tanks offered by AGROLA are an optimal solution for its storage and internal distribution in companies using diesel-engine vehicles: private and public transport companies, agricultural enterprises, production sites, etc.


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Recommended AdBlue® tanks should meet the following requirements:


  • high resistance to mechanical damage;
  • high resistance to varying weather conditions
  • increased protection against UV radiation;
  • bunded construction protecting against spills.

All tanks in our offer meet these criteria. In this regard, we cooperate only with highly-esteemed companies, whose experience guarantees products of the best quality, i.e. KINGSPAN, DESO and JFC.

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Distribution systems for petrol stations


AGROLA offers modern modular tanks produced by JAAS. Their features include:

  • legalised distribution panels – ADAST;
  • modular structure enabling customised shapes and dimensions;
  • modular structure enabling future modernisation;
  • highest quality materials guaranteeing their durability for years;
  • virtually unlimited branding possibilities for advertising purposes.


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Osprzęt do dystrybucji AdBlue

AdBlue® dispensation accessories


AGROLA is an authorised distributor of the Italian brand PIUSI, a leading European producer of equipment dedicated for fuel and technical liquids dispensation. Our offer includes complete AdBlue® dispensing sets (electrical or gravitational), pumps, dispensers, flow meters, hoses, etc. The products are valued and recognised by clients worldwide, in sectors such as the transport, construction, agriculture and automotive industry. Their quality and compliance with environmental standards are warranted by UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 certification.


Systemy monitorujące

Tank monitoring systems


  • Xtrack® fuel management with Kingspan Titan Acess® system
  • Remote tank monitoring system for fuel and AdBlue® – Watchman Anywhere Pro
Terminal paliwowy Xtrack® z systemem Kingspan Titan Access®

Xtrack® fuel management with Kingspan Titan Acess® system

The Kingspan Access system supports comprehensive fuel management activities supporting business critical decisions. By metering intracompany fuel stations or tanks distributing fuel to different locations, the system provides complete control over distributed fuel. The use of proprietary flow meters allows you to install the system on any tank or station or used for fuel distribution.

Key Features:

  • User identification via unique RFID card which can be used by a number of other systems to identify drivers of vehicles equipped with Kingspan Access
  • Two-step refueling authentication
  • Complete real time user database stored in the memory of the device
  • Remote management even on mobile stations or tanks
  • Control over the fuel pump
  • Fuel theft, leakage, drop and replacement detection
Czujnik poziomu paliwa oraz AdBlue® – Watchman Anywhere Pro

Watchman Anywhere Pro

The Watchman Anywhere Pro can continually monitor every tank in your business. From diesel to waste oil and a vast range of common liquids, you’ll have full transparency about the performance of your tank population.

Watchman Anywhere Pro provides in-depth data that you can view anywhere, anytime, offering you total convenience and peace of mind. With the Watchman Anywhere Pro, you and your business can benefit from:

    • Improved stock managementReduced health and safety risks
    • Green compliance
    • Sudden Drop Alert
    • Low Level Alert
    • Liquid Level (% + Litres)
    • Consumption Data
    • Projected Run Out Date
    • Fill Volume
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