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The Azoty Group, the biggest Polish chemical company and one of Europe’s leaders in this field, guarantees the highest quality of AdBlue® and its compliance with all obligatory standards (ISO 22241, EURO 5 and EURO 6).

AGROLA, as an authorised distributor of NOXy® AdBlue®, meets the strict criteria of the producer regarding the quality of services and requirements concerning the trade of chemical supplies.

By proudly representing the producer of the NOXy® brand, we are able to assure our clients of the highest quality and purity of the product that we offer. With our own fleet of delivery vehicles and the support of the producer, we guarantee timely deliveries and technical assistance.




AGROLA fulfills all of the producer’s guidelines pertaining to the storage of AdBlue®, assuring its protection from any harmful external factors. As a result, our clients always get the product that meets the highest quality requirements.


The most important storage conditions of AdBlue® include:

Storage in pressureless tanks

Storage in dry and well-ventilated spaces

Protecting the product from the negative impact of excessive sunlight and heat (the temperature above 25°C may affect its shelf life and chemical properties)

Protecting the product from the negative impact of excessive cooling (the temperature below -11,5°C may cause its crystallisation and increase in volume by about 7%)

An optimal AdBlue® storage temperature ranges between -11,5°C and 25°C and the product should not be affected by any of the extremes for an extended period of time.

With every delivery, our clients receive sealed and marked samples of the product batch. In case of any claims regarding the quality of the product, the sample can be sent for a laboratory analysis.

Our clients receive detailed instructions concerning the storage of AdBlue®. Moreover, our offer includes lending of a dedicated tank for its storage and dispensation.


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AGROLA guarantees fast deliveries of AdBlue® to all our clients in Poland and a professional transport of canisters on the territory of Europe. Our delivery time rarely exceeds the period of 72 hours.

We offer the following forms of AdBlue® deliveries:


Minimal delivery of 1000 litres


A practical solution for the storage of the product (optional accessories for convenient dispensation)


Dedicated for our biggest clients and strategic partners, involve preferential delivery conditions and pricing


Our NOXy® AdBlue® canisters are a convenient solution for drivers travelling over long distances in remote areas. The quality of our products resulted in cooperation with the biggest Polish automotive wholesalers, retailers and petrol stations. Canister sizes include 5, 10 and 18 litres.

AGROLA does not use third-party contractors. We deliver the product using our own, modern vehicles dedicated for this purpose only. The road tankers at our disposal are equipped with legalised dispensing units, guaranteeing precise measurement of the delivered product. All components of our tanks and containers are made of high-alloy stainless steels or plastics, protecting from corrosion and contamination.

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